Top 10 Qualities of a Great Game Designer

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Game Designer

Just because one plays video games does not mean that they are cut out to actually design the games. Great game designers display some distinct qualities, examples of which are seen in the following list:

Enjoy Video Games: Many video game companies look for people who know the difference between a good video game and a bad video game, both in complexity and design. 9 times out of 10, the only individuals that know this are 'gamers'.

Be a Problem Solver: Sharp problem solving skills are key to being a game designer as one must be able to come up with solutions when all does not go as planned -- from collision detection to making objects appear more life-like.

Be Creative: A good game designer is always coming up with a new approach; they come up with new and different ideas for games that keep video game enthusiasts enthralled.

Be Efficient: The video game industry is incredibly fast-paced. Great game designers need to be able to get things done in critical situations. This requires a combination of efficiency and patience to ensure proper resolution of tasks.

Have Technical Skills: Technical skills are a must have in the increasingly technical career - from computer generated imaging to physically modeling an object to conceptualize it properly for the screen.

Awareness of Audience: A great designer is aware of his or her audience and tailors the work to meet the expectations of that particular audience.

Communication: A great designer has excellent communication skills. They are good listeners and able to garner what a client is expecting. They are able to engage in meaningful conversations with clients to ensure both parties are in agreement of the work that is being done.

Creativity: A great designer is very creative and able to develop new, innovative ideas for projects. They are always thinking of different approaches and techniques.

Eye for Materials: A great designer has an eye for color, texture, fabric, space, and other elements that go into various designs. They are aware of the extensive variety of materials available and understand what works well in particular projects.

Humility: A great designer has a strong sense of humility and recognizes that people have varying tastes. They are not afraid of criticism and can handle recommendations for change.

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