Sound Design for Video Games

Sound Design for Video Games

Since the rise of talkies, sound has been an integral part of multimedia whether it be films or video games. Today, there's much more to film audio than recording dialogue.

As with film, television, and other primarily visual mediums, sound and music are often the forgotten elements in video game design.

With a career in sound design, you'll be a principal member of the production staff with influence on studio and location recording, sound effects, music, and post-production audio.

But why choose sound design over other recording careers? If you love music/audio and movies, TV, and video games, then a more perfect career couldn't exist.

Here are a few key jobs in sound design:

Boom Operator

Boom operators are responsible for microphone placement. Camera position, lighting/shadows, and ambient noise all need to be considered when deciding where to place the mic.

Sound Mixer

Sound mixers supervise the boom operator, and they're responsible for all sound recorded on set.

Foley Artist

Ever wondered what really makes the sound when a sword swishes through the air? Foley artists create those everyday sounds by doing things like crinkling cellophane or flapping cardboard.

Supervising Sound Editor

Sometimes referred to as a sound director or recording director, the supervising sound editor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of audio.

As a film sound designer, you'll need strong creative ability and technical skills including knowledge of audio product software such as Pro Tools and Reason.

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