Game Design Degrees and In-Studio Jobs

Game Design Degrees and In-Studio Jobs

Why Work in A Video Game Studio?

If you love gaming and are constantly challenging yourself to imagine new worlds, then getting a job in a game design studio is perfect fit for you. One of the best reasons to work in a studio is that it provides myriad career opportunities in a lot of different, but interrelated fields.

Depending on your focus, you'll get a chance to work with creative, technical, and business teams to build, test, and produce interactive video games.

Working Well With a Team is Key

Working in a video game studio is a truly collaborative experience; you'll be a cutting-edge member of a creative crew. Depending on your interests, you'll have a lot of options for different jobs such as: an audio and video technician, a CG artist, a game designer, a project manager, a marketing executive, a producer, a QA Tester, or a software engineer. With so many interlocking career paths, you'll be able to put your talents to work producing original content and world-class video games.

Relaxed Work Environment

The work environment in a design studio is a lot more casual than a lot of jobs. You won't be wearing suits to work and will be surrounded by passionate and intelligent team members who enjoy gaming as much as you do.

Training and Experience

Like any job, some training will occur once you get hired, but it's important to have some academic training to get your foot in the door.

Studying game design from a design school will give you the fundamental training in computer programming, digital media, game mechanics, design, animation, and multimedia development that could help you excel in this industry. A degree in Animation and Visual Effects or Game and Interactive Media will put you on the inside and steer you towards building the next generation of interactive games.

As a Video Game Designer you'll enjoy more than a fun and creative work environment. As more and more people get into gaming, the industry is expected to grow, with projected job growth around 10% through 2018. If you are interested in the artistic side of gaming, check out a career as a Multi-Media Artist or Animator, this field has jobs projected to grow by 14% through 2018.

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