Choosing Video Game Design Schools

Choosing Video Game Design Schools

There are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to video game design schools, so how do you go about selecting the right school for you?


What Degree Program Do I Choose?

The first step is to decide what kind of degree program will best meet your career goals. Someone wishing to work in project management in game design might only need an associate's degree, while someone seeking a career in visual effects may need a bachelor's degree to stay competitive in the job market.


Program lengths are important, especially for those anxious to finish studies as quickly as possible. The fastest paths are usually diploma or certificate programs offered by career schools.


Video Game Design Degree Specialties

Look for schools that have strengths in the specialty of game design that interests you. Examine curricula closely to be sure they offer the specialties and specific aspects of design you want.


Ask admissions representatives about the hands-on aspects of a program. Studio time and portfolio development are critical, especially when seeking employment. And it's also smart to discuss career placement with a prospective school to find out what kinds of services are offered and if internships are common. Students should ask about the placement rate and how long it takes the average graduate to find full-time work. And it's a good idea to talk to alumni to see how satisfied they were with their education.


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